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Automatic Laundry Folding Machine - Commercial Clothes Folder

Last Update: 11/08/2014 02:20

Linens, clothes, bed sheets or any kind of fabric that you own should always be cleaned after use. Clothes need to be washed daily to remove the dirt, sweat and other elements that will make them dirty. Bed sheets, linens, towels, blankets, etc. can be washed once every two weeks, but they can be difficult to handle by yourself. For commercial industries, an automatic laundry folding machine is absolutely necessary. Laundry is accumulated when you leave it alone, especially when you have no time to wash them because you are too busy with your work. This is the reason why laundry services are popping out one after another, since they are better suited to care for their customers' clothes and keep them in pristine condition, while you focus on your life. 

These laundry service businesses have included every equipment they can get their hands on to make things move smoothly, but this depends on the scale and size of their business. Startup laundry services first purchase the most basic equipment necessary to start this type of business such as washing machines, ironing boards and electric irons. When they get more customers, they will get more capital to work with, plus the associated demand of finishing every order needs to be done faster than before. 

Today, much of the available laundry related equipment is built to shorten the time necessary to complete every single laundering order. Among the laundry equipment that can handle laundry services faster is when it comes time to fold the laundry. The amazing part of living in this day and age is that a lot of machines are made to make life easier and more comfortable to live by eliminating the time it takes to do a single task, hence, the result of the automatic laundry folding machine. 

Fold Fabrics Automatically And Effortlessly

Automatic Laundry Folding Machine

If you own a laundry business and have just heard of an automatic laundry folding machine, it is best that you consider one now. Aren't you tired of using a standard folding board? The fact that there is a folder machine that can automate this process should be music to your ears!

There are different sizes made for this task only. Some are even made to fold clothes only, while others are created to fold linens, bed sheets, large fabrics and so on. If you only have a small area to work with and concerned about space, be assured you do not have to worry about the area you are going to place this equipment in. Checking out one of the stores that specializes in folding machines, like us will demonstrate we have a wide variety of styles available. Check out our website for more details and even see us demonstrate one of these machines so that you can see how they are handled plus how they fold fabrics. 

The larger equipment is designed to fold at higher speeds so if this is your requirement, we are experts in this field. Industrial quality folding machines are widely used by hotels and institutional laundries that deal with constantly cleaning fabrics daily, if not hourly, depending on the situation. 

Again, for each need, there can be a variety of solutions in the type of machine you need to purchase. Since this will effect your business, choosing wisely is very important. Here is an example of some specialized requirements by clients of ours. There is one folding equipment that looks as large as a printer for tarpaulins, but is used to fold small pieces of fabric such as aprons, pillowcases and napkins. The fabrics are lined up usually in four columns.

Industry Types That Use Folding Machines

Hotels and several institutions that deal with constant change and cleaning of fabrics make use of such equipment. Hospitals also deal with laundry, and others including country clubs, educational institutions, cruise ships, restaurants, dry cleaning, commercial healthcare, nursing and retirement homes, government, event and party rental services, airlines and many more. For these types of places that have a large amount of laundry being processed, the value of an automatic laundry folding machine should be obvious. One may have even seen the advancement of technology to even include a robotic version of this! While we do not provide a robot just yet, we are an experienced manufacturer in providing solutions for those who require quality laundry equipment. Contact us today to learn more.

For more tips on how to effectively fold your laundry better, read this article by Good Housekeeping on common mistakes in folding clothes.

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