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Dry Cleaning Press Machine - Industrial Quality

Last Update: 11/11/2014 07:34

Dry Cleaning Press Machine - True Value?

These days there are a lot of businesses that specialize in laundry service. The need for having such business could be due to the demand of a couple of households that do not have enough time to do their laundry due to work or other various reasons. The most busy people or even those that prefer to have laundry services do the job for them are confident that their laundry will be cleaned the proper way if they have it done by professionals. Another and more relevant reason and why you're probably on this website is because you own a business and have large loads of laundry that need to be washed such as for institutions like hotels, hospitals, etc.

When analyzing for your personal use, remember that not all business are created equal. There are some that tend to provide poor service. Some even lack the equipment to fully function as a laundry service business. After washing the clothes and letting them dry, it comes through the final process or the last phase of dry cleaning. The processes involves ironing, steaming, pressing, finishing and necessary repairs to restore the garment to its original state. The last phase is taken care of by a dry cleaning press machine, capable of performing each of these processes. 

Processes Of A Dry Cleaning Press Machine

Dry Cleaning Press Machine

After the garments have completely dried, they are going through the 'finished' phase. The processes include application of steam in order to soften the fabric, quick drying to reshape the garment, remove steam with the use of vacuum or air, then pressure is applied as the last process. The pressure applied to the garment and the steam emitted comes from the machine itself. Most of these machines are even capable of removing the steam, too. 

Like many other machines used for laundry, dry cleaning press machines come in various forms as well. There are special machines used only for shirts. Others are for bed sheets, curtains, and the list goes on. Some are large enough to fit a single person inside! Variances in how the laundry is handled such as the dry cleaning solvent that is used will make a difference in the end result so don't automatically assume it is the fault of the machine if something goes wrong.

Many laundry services present their dry cleaning press machine in front of their customer or someplace visible to them. It is not a rule to be regulated by every laundry business, but it has become a norm so that customers will see how their garments are being handled. 

Where to Buy A Quality Dry Clean Machine

Some businesses, especially startups, would prefer to buy secondhand machines first before they commit themselves to brand new ones. This is to see how these machines really work and that they do not have to spend too much on a brand new machine since they are still at the starting stage. They compare all the dry cleaning machine prices and even look for coupons. If you prefer to buy online, you can start on eBay or Alibaba even. You can find more gems in other e-commerce sites that offer secondhand machines. For the best, we assume you will most likely stop by our website and contact us today.

Of course, we recommend you do your due diligence. If you start the process by considering getting a brand new one, it is advisable to do thorough research first. You can get a lot of information from reviews or from other businesses that have their own dry cleaning machine with them. The more information you can gather, the clearer your decision will be. 

Laundry businesses are not the only ones who have this kind of equipment. Hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, event rentals, commercial health centers, airline companies, etc. have this equipment as well. These establishments deal with fabric daily, so it is a need for them to have the dry cleaning press machine ready. Get more done by buying quality laundering equipment with us.

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