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Last Update: 10/04/2014 13:18

Hotels, hospitals, universities, factories, these are a selected few of many other businesses or institutions that require the need of a good commercial washing machine. If you found our website and in search for a quality industrial washing machine manufacturer, then look no further as Gold Chilly has the expertise to provide you with an automatic washing machine that will suit your needs. With almost 10 years in the commercial laundry equipment products industry, you can be confident we will understand your demands and answer any questions that might arise.

Various needs arise when one considers the facilities that require industrial washers. Is this an on premise laundry service or for multi housing laundry? The sheer volume of clothes needs to be factored in to properly calculate the size of wholesale industrial washing machine to acquire.

Efficiency is the name of the washing game, especially in this modern world, where green initiatives are being more and more enforced so be confident knowing that our machines are the most efficient commercial washing machines around. Single-load or high capacity washing machines all are fully inspected by our growing base of engineers who thoroughly check the water flow plus much more to ensure the best possible product.

Stainless steel washtubs for example is something to look for in a quality washing machine. The longer the machine is put through its paces, the better the quality of the wash, since the tub area will get smoother through use. This in effect will cause less drag, with no clothes being accidentally snagged and pulled in the washer.

Gold Chilly Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturers

As mentioned earlier, be aware of the energy rating of your washing machine as this is probably the most important aspect to consider as when the laundry starts to pile up, so does the energy bills to operate the machine. Most of our machines, depending on the size, on average use approximately only 27 gallons per load. Please refer to our specific details on the industrial machine of your choice and of course feel free to contact us for clarification.

As an industrial washing machine manufacturer, our goal is to provide you with the most assistance we can in the process of setting your facility up accordingly. With the correct dimensions and space of the laundry area, we can also custom design a front loader to accommodate your full spectrum of needs. Our experience is not limited to that either as we have exported washing machinery all over the world with service partners to insure that machine has a long life cleaning clothes.

In the end, even though we fully back our washing machines endurance, it will all boil down to how the operators handle them through loading the recommended laundry weight. Amazingly, some of our more robust machines can tolerate as much as up to 150 kg of weight due to the advanced technology of our suspension in the washing machine drum. For proper washing tips, check out this article.

Hopefully by now, you have been at least intrigued by the prospect of us being a reliable industrial washing machine supplier and we hope to further our connection with you through opening a dialogue with us. Contact Goldchilly Washing Equipment Co., Ltd for all your commercial washing machine needs!