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About Goldchilly

Goldchilly washing equipment Limited is a collection of R & D and manufacturing and dry cleaning chain management integration services of professional manufacturers, engaged in formal, professional dry cleaning, washing, high-grade leather maintenance, clothing tailor, shoe repair and beautiful shoes and training services.

Goldchilly main products are dry cleaning series: oil dry-cleaning machine, PCE dry cleaning machines,Washer series:XGP washing machine,XGQ washer extractor,TS extractor,SXL washer;Drying series:electric dryer,steam dryer,LPG dryer;Ironing series:Flatwork ironer,steam ironing table,pressing machine etc.

Also have other laundry equipment,like:conveyors, packing machine, stain removal table,steam ironer,and laundry detergent; in addition the company also produces a variety of leather shoes beauty modified machine and a shoes washing machine, drying machine and so on, the company adhere to the people-oriented, quality first, service first, the company's products all over the country, sold at home and abroad, exported to all over the world, unanimously praised by users, the company passed the IS09001 quality system,CE certification.

The company to undertake hotels, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, troops and professional laundry linen room design, reasonable allocation of equipment, free debugging, free on-site training of technical personnel, free to join.

The Laundry Equipment Brand of Choice in Laundry Franchise

As we all know, choosing a good brand to work with when embarking on the lucrative laundry business is important. Only when we choose the right laundry equipment supplier that offers cost-efficient solution in the busines with consistent technical support and high performance equipment, can we meet our increasing customer needs and help everyone achieve higher standards of living. So when choosing high quality washing equipment, it is important to choose an established brand with track records. our company has been going through a speedy expansion in recent years. Many laundry operators choose to work with us and join our franchise system because we could provide them with a reliable supply of not just laundry equipment but the entire solution in the highly competitive laundry industry.

Nowadays is in a new era of technological advancement and creation. The continuous improvement of science and technology and strict regulations on pollution has given the laundry industry a new face. Our ongoing research and development on laundry equipment has helped improve the washing quality and also users’ experience.

When it comes to laundry business, it is all about efficiency and result. Dry cleaning is an important aspect of laundry industry because it handles most of the clothing cleaning that could not be handled by normal household washing machines. Dry cleaning machines should have a relatively better washing and drying function than normal water based washing machines. The dry-cleaning process will not only make the color of the clothing faded, but will also destroy the entire clothing and cause static effect if the wrong machine is being used. Consistency in the machine's capability and performance is very important. Customers’ feedback is often a wiser way of determining which commercial laundry brand is reliable. 

Goldchilly is an established commercial laundry manufacturer and distributor of laundry equipment that offer their own laundry franchise system. If you are looking for a new venture in laundry business, Goldchilly is committed to provide you with all the necessary support to ensure your venture a successful one. We do not only provide value for money laundry equipment for your business need, we also provide solution for your industry. 

Through our tireless effort made in the indusrty all these years, we have evolved to be one of the most influential commercial equipment suppliers in Asia Pacific. We can become your most trustable and reliable partner, whether you are running a laundry in a school, dormitory, hotel, factory, hospital or residential neighbourhood, and no matter which country you are located. Call us today to enquire about how we could help you in this business.

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