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The Washing Machine That Speaks

Looking to build your own laundry shop? Don't buy washing machines without learning how these machines help you save plenty of money

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The Washing Machine That Speaks

Looking to build your own laundry shop? Don't buy washing machines without learning how these machines help you save plenty of money

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The Washing Machine That Speaks

Looking to build your own laundry shop? Don't buy washing machines without learning how these machines help you save plenty of money

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The Washing Machine That Speaks

Looking to build your own laundry shop? Don't buy washing machines without learning how these machines help you save plenty of money

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Goldchilly washing Audio Supplies Company Limited is a collection of R & D and manufacturing and dry cleaning chain management integration services of professional company,Goldchilly provide a professional solution of hotel,hospital and laundry Chain to join the best choice,invite to the Global washing Chain partners.

Our solution

We've provided solutions for hotels, hospitals, factories and laundromats for 17 years.


Our client From all over the world

  • Hotel

    New Sport Hotel Suide 
    Suide Tianyi Hotel 
    Shaanxi Lotus Jinyuan Hotel Industry 
    Zhejiang Yuexiu Star Hotel 
    Qinghai West Ningyin Long Hotel 
    Qinghai Holiday Dynasty Hotel 
    Green Hay Hamilton International Hotel 
    Qinghai Holiday Dynasty Hotel 
    Bookstore West Ningsan Tian Hotel 
    Yunnan Malipo Guohao Hotel 
    Yunnan New Century Hotel 
    Yunnan Cheng Jiangxi Grand Hotel 
    Yunnan Shizong Meridian Spa Hotel 
    Kunming Jin Daming Hotel 
    Yun Nan Funing Galaxy Hotel 
    Hosa International Hotel Kunming in Yunnan 
    Xinjiang Yili Hotel 
    Hotan Mushitage Hotel 
    Yining gold objects Yuantaijiudian 
    Xinjiang Nigeria Qin g County Hotel Don does not pull 
    Bole Hotel 
    Bird Island in Qinghai Lake Hotel 
    Chengdu Jindi Hotel 
    Snow Hotel in Lhasa, Tibet 
    Inner ICBC Jinhui Hotel 
    Guangxi Golden Mong Kok International Hotel 
    Jiangxi Shangrao Kyoto International Hotel 
    Jiangxi Shangrao International Hotel 
    Jiangxi Gaoan Holiday Hotel 
    Jiangxi Holiday Inn GAOAN 
    Ocean International Hotel Chengdu flower 
    Jianli Chu Hotel 
    Maguan Run Yuantaijiudian 
    Shandong Haiyang Roman Palace Leisure Hotels Ltd 
    Century Plaza Hotel in Ruian, Zhejiang 
    Zhejiang Longquan Sunny Hotel 
    Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel 
    Victoria Grand Hotel Wenzhou 
    Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel 
    Zhejiang Longgang Kaneda Hotel 
    Wencheng new Excelle Hotel 
    Fujian Fuding International Hotel 
    Putian, Fujian Grand Hyatt 
    Fujian Putian Yue Lai Hotel 
    Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang Nan Yuan Hotel 
    Quanzhou Xisha Bay Hotel 
    Fujian Shishi International Hotel 
    Holiday Inn Quanzhou, Fujian Sha Wan 
    Fujian Putian Tian Haiyuan International Hotel 
    Fujian Ningde Shi-hung (Waldorf) International Seaside Hotel 
    Fujian Hui An Dapeng Hotel 
    Fujian Putian Yue Lai Hotel 
    Garden Hotel Xiamen Airlines 
    Fujian Nanyuan Hotel 
    Fujian Dehua magnetic Grand Hotel 
    Fujian Fuding International Hotel 
    Zhangzhou Longhai Hotel 
    Chuzhou Baiyun Hotel 
    Phoenix Hotel Huangshan 
    Anhui Golden Resources Hotel 
    Anhui and county Phoenix Hotel Co., Ltd. 
    Wuhu Phoenix Hotel Co. 
    Phoenix Hotel Chizhou in Anhui 
    Huangshan Country Garden Hotel 
    Shandong Jinan City Shandong Airlines Yaoqiang International Airport Hotel 
    Shandong Zibo City Scenic Vista Hotel 
    Shandong Yiyuan Shun Hotel 
    Zhangqiu, Shandong Hailong Hotel 
    Weihai City, Shandong pupil Hotel 
    TSU king Guangrao County Hotel 
    Dongying, Shandong Province, Baiyun Hotel 
    Liaoyang impregnable enjoy Hotel 
    Liaoyang City, Liaoning impregnable enjoy hotel 
    Shenyang Country Garden Maritim Hotel 
    Huludao Venice International Hotel 
    Liaoning Linghai Garden Hotel 
    Guangdong Shaoguan Phoenix Hotel 
    Guizhou Zunyi Meijiale Hotel 
    Fujian Longquan Sunny Hotel Ltd. 
    Xiamen Mayor l Hotels Ltd. 
    Hefei known Habitat Hotel Spa body 
    Guangdong Shaoguan Phoenix Hotel Co. 
    Kunming Golden Pond Springs Hotel Ltd. 
    Xi'an Datang Business Hotel 
    Shanghai Eastern Airline Hotel 
    Jingjiang Jiang Jiangnan Park Hotel 
    Jilin Chaoyang Town a river flows hotel 
    Yangjiang Country Garden Hotel Guangzhou 
    Yining County, the county hotel Chabuchar 
    Anyang, Henan Zhongyuan Hotel Communist Party

  • Hospital

    Beijing Tongren Hospital 
    Beijing 302 Hospital 
    Shaanxi Xingping City People's Hospital 
    Affiliated Hospital of Medical School in Shaanxi Shangluo City 
    Hospital of the CPC Shaanxi Xunyang 
    Wenzhou Friendship Hospital 
    Wenzhou Friendship Hospital 
    Third People's Hospital of Wenzhou, Zhejiang 
    Zhejiang Lishui City People's Hospital 
    Anhui Bengbu Medical College Hospital 
    Anhui Bengbu First Cancer Hospital 
    Shandong Chengyang town osteopathic hospital 
    Shandong Province jujube Mining Group General Hospital Laundry 
    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Hospital 
    Guangxi Armed Police Hospital 
    Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital 
    First People's Hospital of Xining City 
    Sixth Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Hospital 
    Sixth Agricultural Division of Xinjiang odd Taiwan hospital 
    Yining City People's Hospital 
    Orthopedic Hospital of Dali in Yunnan 
    Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University 
    Xinhua Hospital of Xinjiang Yili 
    Turks in Xinjiang County Hospital 
    Kunming orthopedic rehabilitation center 
    Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center

  • Laundry Industry

    FUYUN Kalatongke copper mine 
    Aksu Government Procurement Center 
    Ak Su Baijie washing company in Xinjiang 
    Beijing Second Social Welfare 
    Beijing Sunlight Fine Group Company 
    Beijing Bao Chen Hotel Co., Ltd. 
    Beijing treasure Hotel Ltd. 
    Beijing German blue clean laundry Ltd. 
    Chinese Central Government Organs Service 
    China Medical Equipment Academy of Military Medical Science Research 
    Tianjin TV 
    Yangyang washing center in Tianjin 
    Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. Tianjin best hope 
    Shanghai Olympic Training Center in Vienna 
    Shanghai Lu Ping Investment Co., Ltd. 
    Shanghai Baosteel Construction Engineering Design & Research Institute 
    Shanghai Public Transport Ltd bus six steam repair shop 
    China (Shenyang) Armed Police Force 
    Xi'an Aircraft Group 
    Shijiazhuang Spa Resort 
    Xinji City, Hebei Meihua Paper Industry Co., Ltd. 
    Textile Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Wujiang 兰妮比加利 
    Jiangsu Binhai New Age Paradise 
    Paint Co., Ltd. Jingjiang together only 
    Germany and China Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Suzhou 
    Wenzhou plus Yat washing Services Ltd. 
    Zhejiang Leisure Group 
    Zhejiang Tongxiang Xin lion fur Ltd. 
    Yixie plastic factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang 
    Zhejiang Huzhou Mark lion fur Products Co., Ltd. 
    Fur Garment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang was detailed 
    Haining City in Zhejiang Ling Ma textile washing plant 
    Hangzhou Jie Clothing Co., Ltd 
    Tongxiang City, Zhejiang textile dyeing Fukuoka 
    Kang Hua, Zhejiang Fuyang washing Ltd. 
    Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yi Nimeng 
    Longquan, Zhejiang Tobacco big summer 
    Zhejiang Taizhou sea and sky Leisure Square 
    Zhejiang Taizhou City area nine years washing center 
    Wenzhou Fangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. 
    Fujian Xiamen City Public Transport Company 
    Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Quanzhou, Fujian Julong 
    Fujian Shi-hong (Fujian) Development Co., Ltd. 
    Fujian Xiamen City Public Transport Company 
    Zhangzhou, Fujian Long Harbour tail spa 
    Quanzhou, Fujian Julong washed town center 
    GEP washing plant in Zhangzhou, Fujian 
    Xiamen Egret of stains wash plant 
    Fujian Cheng Sheng washing plant 
    Taining County, Fujian bright clean washing Ltd. 
    Huaibei Sea Palace washing center 
    Unilever factory in Hefei 
    Hefei, Anhui Business Center Laundry Huan Xisha 
    Hefei Mobile 
    Anhui Tobacco Monopoly Bureau 
    Hefei slender hand beauty salons Ltd. 
    Hefei Ninomiya Machinery Co., Ltd. 
    Hefei Industrial Economic Development Co., Ltd. 
    Hitachi Construction Machinery (China Hefei) Co., Ltd. 
    Hefei Ninomiya Machinery Co., Ltd. 
    North Sea submarine base 
    Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau 
    Shandong Yucheng City Public Security Bureau 
    Shandong Jinan City Labor Bureau 
    Jinan Military Region 72,502 troops hostel 
    Jinan City Personnel army training center 
    Shandong Province union training center 
    Shandong Liaocheng Railway depot Laundry 
    Jining City, Shandong Power Plant 
    Shandong Zaozhuang Municipal Power Supply Bureau 
    Boxing County, Shandong Province and Technical Supervision 
    Shandong Qingzhou City Hall Guest House 
    Qingdao Yiqing Capsule Co., Ltd. 
    Qingdao CIMC company 
    Shandong Weigao Group 
    Shandong Shifeng Group when Gaotang 
    Shandong Weihai Wei Gao newborn Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 
    Washing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Qingdao Red Lion 
    Shandong Laiwu Iron and Steel Group (Laiwu Mining Co., Ltd.) 
    Shandong Zoucheng VV Dairy Laundry 
    Shandong Jining City of Light Court Jassen Laundry 
    Yanzhou, Shandong Hing Construction and Installation Company 
    13 Bureau of Shandong Dezhou small seagull dry cleaners 
    Shandong Tengzhou City Hume City Mine 
    Dongying City, Shandong Shengli Oilfield engineering transport two companies 
    Tai'an City, Shandong rivers Laundry Co. 
    Shandong Zaozhuang City, 215 mines 
    Shandong Zaozhuang Coal preparedness 
    Weihai City, Shandong Rui Beijing Garment Co., Ltd. 
    Shandong Rongcheng City, MCH Laundry 
    Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., Shandong Qingdao China 
    Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau 
    High Food Co., Ltd. Qingdao Fudge 
    Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co. Ltd. 
    Qingdao Yee Hang frozen Ltd. 
    Qingdao Development Zone, 110 command center 
    Qingdao Hitech embroidery Ltd. 
    Terui Tai in Shandong Qingdao International Trade 
    Qingdao CIMC Reefer Transport Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Twin Towers Food Co., Ltd., Shandong Yantai 
    Qingdao Yiqing medicinal capsule Ltd. 
    Qingdao Sen Kylin Tyre Co., Ltd. 
    Shandong Yantai livelihood Printing Arts Co., Ltd. 
    Shandong Hengtai Textile Co., Ltd. 
    Administrative Center Management Office, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone 
    Yamamoto Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Qingdao 
    Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau Police Detachment Laundry 
    Jinan Municipal Labor Bureau of military cadres Laundry 
    Beijing Garment Factory, Shandong Weihai Rui Laundry 
    Jinan City Bureau of State Taxation Laundry 
    Zibo in Shandong Province scenery Terrace Hotel Laundry 
    Yi Shun Hotel, formerly Shandong Province Laundry 
    Shenyang Hua Rui Properties Limited 
    Huludao Venice Entertainment Industry Co., Ltd. 
    Shenyang Huishan Dairy Group 
    Liaoning Tong two Fort fur base 
    Shenyang St. Amada Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. 
    Benxi Venice 
    Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Liaoning Ramada 
    Guangdong Zhuhai Holiday Resort Wellness Centre 
    Guangdong Province Frontier Corps Training Battalion 
    Tudor Fashion Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shaoguan Otaki 
    Guangdong Baiyun District Women's Prison 
    Trading Co., Ltd. Guangdong Bao Roth 
    Guangzhou Xinhua ironing tone laundry service center 
    Chengdu fire brigade 
    Chengdu Ya fitness Seoul Hotel Ltd. 
    Tsinghua property management company in Chengdu, Sichuan 
    Chengdu and Run Hotel Management Ltd. 
    Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu State Revenue 
    Inner Mongolia-standard food limited liability company 
    Inner Mongolia Erdos Hiromi washing Ltd. 
    Inner Mongolia Tongliao ganjig bath 
    Tongliao, Inner Mongolia Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Hongyuan Leader 
    Shanxi off Lai'an Washing Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Shanxi qihe prison 
    Shanxi Coal Zheneng Liang Ma Coal Industry Co., Ltd. 
    Shanxi Coal Wang Ping State Power Generation Co., Ltd. 
    Honghe in Yunnan Public Security Bureau police training center 
    Yunnan Honghe traffic police team training center 
    Yunnan Mining Xiaolongtan 
    Yunnan Honghe Prefecture Public Security Bureau 
    Yunnan Guandu prison 
    Xining City bus station 
    Simon catering Xining 
    Urumqi, Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources 
    Urumqi warm bath Goldberg 
    Urumqi, Xinjiang Yili Food Co., any company 
    Urumqi, Xinjiang providers bath 
    Urumqi four Granville wash center 
    CPC Xinjiang Petroleum Transport Co., Ltd. 
    Xinjiang woman labor by 
    Yining washing plant 
    Yining City Jie Blue Laundry Company 
    Xinjiang Yili Centers for Disease Control 
    Aksu built steel industry limited liability company 
    Yunnan Yinpeng Industrial Group 
    Lijiang, Yunnan pear plant 
    Henan Wu Zhi Wan Kam Paper Industry Co., Ltd. 
    Henan Mengzhou Guangyu Paper Industry Co., Ltd. 
    Organs in Henan 
    Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou 
    Henan Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. 
    Hui Food Co., Ltd. of Henan 
    Xuzhou Medical clothing washing Ltd. 
    Qinghai Tax Training Center 
    Qinghai and Hainan State Board of Education 
    Qinghai Railway wash center 
    Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company 
    Xinjiang grassland eco-tourism Development Co., Ltd. 
    Xinjiang Wang Cai Bay Springs Entertainment Ltd. 
    Thailand. Siam Laundry Industries Co, .Ltd 
    Vietnam. Trang An Services and Producing Join Stock Company 
    Vietnam. Newday Import Export and Trading JSC

  • Schools and Institutes

    Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law 
    Shandong Province Institute of Business Management cadre Laundry 
    Shenyang University 
    Beijing Computer Technical School 
    Wenzhou, Zhejiang New Century School 
    Ningbo Donghai Experimental School 
    Zibo in Shandong Province Silk Textile School Laundry 
    Xinjiang Railway Senior Technical School 
    Xinjiang Yili Normal 
    Aksu XII High School 
    Party School of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps


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  • Problems that we solve

    A collection of R & D and manufacturing and dry cleaning chain management integration services of professional company,G ...

  • Our quality control

    The company passed the IS09001 quality system, be rated as "consumer satisfaction with the quality of integrity unit", " ...

  • After sales service

    All parts are under Two Years Warranty with defects from manufacturer. Any other defect caused by human error, mishandli ...

  • I bought this machine for my year 12 formal and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I did custom measurements

    -Robert Green / Australia

  • LOOOOVE IT! Way better than I thought...

    -David / United State

  • excellent quality. came exactly like picture. curls or straightens really nicely with my straightener. And stays on my head very well i am in love with this wig!

    -mariesavage23 / United States

  • Great. Not much to say, it has that warm glow that incandescent light have, it was exactly what I was looking for.

    -DR TAMMY LENSKI / Sweden

Why Choose Us?


    Goldchilly washing Audio Supplies Company Limited is a collection of R & D and manufacturing and dry cleaning chain management integration services of professional company,Goldchilly provide a professional solution of hotel,hospital and laundry Chain to join the best choice,invite to the Global washing Chain partners.

    Goldchilly main products are dry cleaning series: oil dry-cleaning machine, PCE dry cleaning machines,Washer series:XGP washing machine,XGQ washer extractor,TS extractor,SXL washer;Drying series:electric dryer,steam dryer,LPG dryer;Ironing series:Flatwork ironer,steam ironing table,pressing machine etc. Also have other laundry equipment,like:conveyors, packing machine, stain removal table,steam ironer,and laundry detergent; in addition the company also produces a variety of leather shoes beauty modified machine and a shoes washing machine, drying machine

    The company to undertake hotels, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, troops and professional laundry linen room design, reasonable allocation of equipment, free debugging, free on-site training of technical personnel, free to join.

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