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The new washing machine is a new product launched by our company, suspension; The shock structure effectively solves the vibration problem when the washing machine is dehydrated.

All models of this series are controlled by computer, using touch programmable microcomputer control, high degree of automation, safety and stability, flexible computer controller Settings, simple to use, easy to upgrade, easy to upgrade, stable and durable!

Performance characteristics:

1. Horizontal installation of washing chamber and washing bucket, hot spray zinc outer cylinder, anti-corrosion; The inner liner is welded with high-quality stainless steel material. Key components are imported or domestic quality brands; Such as: frequency converter using LG, the main bearing using the United States Timken.

2.the use of full suspension damping structure and frequency conversion drive, accelerate and smooth, effectively resolve the vibration of the machine, high removal of the amplitude of 1.5MM, water removal to 270KG, dehydration after the moisture content of clothing is better than the national standard, without foundation.

3.the frequency converter adopts LG frequency converter, and the speed can be set arbitrarily according to the need.

4.the operation is simple, the computer automatic control system, the Chinese large screen LCD display, the washing process is clear, the washing program is selected at will.

5. steam heating and electric heating can be selected, drainage after drainage, can be used to hose to the gutter, keep indoor clean.

6. The charging box uses hot water to flush the material to solve the problem that the alkali powder is not easy to dissolve in cold water and scale.

7.dehydration safety control function, when the imbalance force is too large automatically stop and alarm.

8. high and low water level automatic control system, full computer program control, with manual 4 kinds of water level Settings optional, automatic water temperature control optional.

9. security door lock and control linkage device, with protection function (when the equipment is running can refuse to open the door and other misoperations).

10.the body and base are welded structure, the machine inside and outside all structures are made of epoxy resin paint with strong corrosion resistance, and the external panel of the body is made of stainless steel plate.

11.with three water and double drainage structure.

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