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The isolation washing and stripping machine divides the laundry room into two independent operating sections: the clean area and the unclean area. The washing material is loaded into the door on the side of the unclean area and removed from the door on the side of the clean area after washing. Preventing cross-contamination of washes due to loading and discharging from unclean areas is the ideal solution for dust-free industries and hospital laundry rooms.

Function Introduction:

1. Rotary cage, pipe, and external cylinder in contact with water are all made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to chemical corrosion;

2, the use of air bags and hydraulic damper double reduction to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, low noise;

3, the use of dynamic weighing system, accurate measurement of weight, to prevent structural damage caused by overload;

4. The door mechanism composed of efficient pneumatic brake and proximity switch is used to ensure the accurate positioning of the inner door during loading and unloading;

5, Optimize the gas system, set up the pressure sensor to ensure that the equipment operates within the correct pressure range, protect the gas volume and the main structure;

6, optimize the water quality sampling port, convenient for rapid sampling and testing;

7, internal and external door locks are self-locking mechanism, easy to operate;

8, perfect self-diagnosis function and safety protection, can quickly locate the fault location and fault cause, easy to daily use and maintenance of the machine;

9, PLC built-in a variety of washing procedures, suitable for different types of linen washing.