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bedSheet folding machine

bedSheet folding machine

NO.: ZD-3300
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       With folding specification identification, protection and alarm, self-diagnosis and automatic management system; horizontal and vertical folding start control, two horizontal and four channels folding, with speed closed loop and photoelectric detection control system, speed measurement system, transmission system, speed control and preparation positioning, accurate determination of fabric length and folding length; process control, directly and ironing online operation, greatly improve the work efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of workers;


1. The electrostatic rod with the function of eliminating static electricity can effectively reduce the static electricity on the linen, reduce the linen rolling, wrinkle and other problems, improve the folding quality, and increase the reliability and stability of the machine

2. The new technology of the turning belt to remove the electrostatic mechanism, eliminate the static electricity on the conveyor belt, and avoid the connection of the linen and the conveyor belt adhesion during the folding process

3. Leading folding technology in China: the first three fold with gas, the second two fold with cutter cutter. It does not damage the linen, and it also improves the folding quality

4. Adopt PLC control touch screen operation panel, superior human-machine switching interface. It is convenient to query, divide and repair various faults

5. All The computer controller of the Chinese human-computer dialogue interface adopts the large screen LCD display, dynamically display the working state of the folding machine, adopts the full digital control frequency conversion dragging system, and can compile 30 automatic folding programs.


technical parameter:





Folding channel

Single-channel or four-channel access

Horizontal and vertical


Folding specifications


Minimum folding


Folding speed


power of motor


Export direction

Left or right placement (two option)

The stacking machine






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