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Drop stacker

Drop stacker

NO.: DMJ-900
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1. With its own control system, it only needs to input electric power and compressed air, which can adapt to the operating system of any manufacturer;

2. Optimize the design of the feed inlet, the height can be adjusted, and it can be connected with most folding machines;

3. Optimize the design of transmission, abandon the traditional chain transmission, and adopt synchronous belt or self-lubricating gear transmission, which can realize lifelong maintenance free, and has the advantages of stable transmission and low noise;

4. All key components are imported, the pneumatic system adopts SMC, the reducer adopts daily precision reducer, the photoelectric sensor adopts Shanwu, the bearing adopts FYH, and the electrical components adopt Schneider;

5. The shaft body is made of precision stainless steel composite pipe, which reduces the jumping of the shaft body, improves the accuracy of mechanical movement, and extends the service life of the equipment.

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