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Sanitary isolated washing machine

Sanitary isolated washing machine

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1) Stainless steel material is used for the rotating cage, pipeline and outer cylinder in contact with water, which is resistant to chemical corrosion;

2) The shock absorption system composed of airbag and hydraulic damper ensures the smooth operation of the equipment and low noise;

3) The dynamic weighing system is used to measure the feeding weight to prevent structural damage caused by overload;

4) The door alignment mechanism composed of pneumatic brake and proximity switch is adopted to ensure the positioning of the inner door during loading and unloading;

5) The air circuit system is optimized and the pressure sensor is set to ensure that the equipment operates within the correct pressure range and protect the airbag and main structure;

6) The internal and external door locks adopt self-locking mechanism, which is convenient and fast to operate;

7) The perfect self diagnosis function and protection can quickly locate the location and cause of the fault, which is convenient for the daily use and maintenance of the machine;

8) PLC has built-in various washing programs, which are suitable for washing different kinds of linen.

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