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SXT-FX Series Tilting Washer-extractor

SXT-FX Series Tilting Washer-extractor

NO.: SXT-1000FX
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Full automatic controlled by computer control system
Tilting washer-extractor has professional computer control system,excellent capacity and super function, it contains programmable procedures and standard programs, large-screen LCD,and all design in near to human feature.

High strength,long durability
Technology of major shaft have acquired state invention patent,excellent stainless steel ensures the outer vat designed by finite element optimal, different design of high strength big shaft-pedestal and high-accuracy short shaft, ensure that machine's lifespan is prolonged during overload situation.

Leading slight vibration of industry washer
Because of scientifically adding weight at the front of suspended object, so that reach perfect balance of suspended object.Spring of vibration proof system adopt special design of recovery moment according to different vibration of suspended object front and back, so that finish the best vibration proof efficiency and effective vibration-reducing rate to 98%.

Excellent design and fine production
Frequency-conversion drives and endless speed adjusting stable,high quality bearing,quitely run. imported seal material of major shaft, stainless steel panel,unique material feeding system, effectively against the high temperature and strong acid conditions. safe door lock union device of patent technology ensure safety; Larger diameter loading door and human design conveniently load and unload,auto tilting when unloading, so that reduce labor strength greatly.

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