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SXT1300T Full automatic tilting washing machine

SXT1300T Full automatic tilting washing machine

NO.: SXT1300T
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     The fully automatic inclined washing machine is a new product developed by our company. Its appearance is smooth, simple and atmospheric, with large equipment capacity, low energy consumption and low noise. The machine adopts airbag shock absorption technology and ultra-low vibration; Touch screen control, full Chinese man-machine dialogue; Hydraulic system is adopted, and the inclination is stable and reliable; Adopt the reduction motor to realize the automatic opening and closing of the door; The floating door technology is used to seal reliably, which can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, railways, laundries and other units.


1. Adopt touch programmable computer control, dynamic simulation of water level and temperature, intelligent fault detection, and all Chinese man-machine dialogue to realize the automation of the whole washing process;

2. Large diameter liner is used, with high washing cleanliness. Triangular lifting ribs and arc lifting ribs are combined, which should not damage the linen;

3. Germany ContiTech airbag is used for shock absorption, with hydraulic damping, low vibration and low noise;

4. The machine tilt adopts hydraulic device, which makes the machine tilt stable and reliable; The door switch adopts the reduction motor to realize the automatic opening and closing of the door;

5. The large-diameter floating door structure is adopted, and the sealing is reliable, avoiding the leakage of the door in use; At the same time, it works reliably with the door locking mechanism.


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