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Washing Dragon

Washing Dragon

NO.: CBW-X65
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1. The operation is more intelligent and convenient. The washing dragon has a variety of washing procedures, and you can also freely compile washing procedures.

2. Water circulation and filtration technology are adopted to reduce water consumption and steam consumption.

3. Based on the countercurrent design, the water flow is opposite to the transmission direction of the linen, realizing high washing cleanliness.

4. Each washing bin in the main washing section has a detergent filling interface, which can realize quantitative and timed feeding.


Standard configuration:

◎ 16 washing bins, each with a washing capacity of 65kg

◎ stainless steel rollers and pipes

◎ complete water recycling tank

◎ grass bottom transmission

◎ large size linen feeding chute

◎ LCD display, PLC controller

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