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ZJB-3300-IV-II Spreader

ZJB-3300-IV-II Spreader

NO.: ZJB-3300-IV-II
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1. The feeding station adopts a reducer to drive the chain, and four feeding stations are set. Each feeding station is designed with two sets of feeding robots, one of which is working and the other is in the state of waiting for feeding, which improves the work efficiency;

2. Three sets of distribution robots are used to improve the working efficiency of the distribution machine;

3. The cloth inlet and outlet filtering brushes (optional) are set to improve the flatness of the cloth;

4. The cloth feeding mode and distribution mode are set, which can handle small-scale linen such as pillowcases and square towels, and the switching is convenient and fast;

5. The spreading manipulator is driven by the servo motor, and the length of the cloth is measured by the photoelectric sensor, so that the cloth is always at the set feeding position;

6. The tension of cloth spreading is protected by servo motor torque and photoelectric sensor to reduce the damage rate of cloth;

7. The rear conveyor line is equipped with a lifting cylinder, which can quickly lift the rear conveyor line to facilitate the maintenance of the ironing machine, or the wax cloth and pillowcase can be directly sent to the ironing machine;

8. The perfect self diagnosis function and protection can quickly locate the location and cause of the fault, which is convenient for the daily use and maintenance of the machine;

9. It is controlled by a 10 Inch Touch Screen programmable computer, and each station has a statistical function to measure the quantity sent, which is convenient for the operator to manage.

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