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GL Series Hospital Barrier Washer Extractor

  • Product Detail

The new designed GL series Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need of bacteria-free and anti-static requirements.
1, Our newly designed Gl hospital washing machine meet the requirement of gem-free, dust-free, anti-static washing needs.
2, With isolating hospital washing machine and wall parition ,it divides the laundry room into two separate independent operating areas,via:”Clean”area and “Non-clean”area.
3, Launderettes will be loanded into the hospital washing machine through the door from the “Non-clean”room side After washing unloading will be from the “ Non-clean”room polluting the “clean”room .Thus it revents the clean launderrette from being contaminated again and get intected.

4,GL senries of isloating type of hospital washing machine from our company are of aduvanced standard ,well built ,economical to operate,easy maintenance and of good performance .
5,They are widely used by hosital,food and pharmaceutical factories,nuclear power plants dtc where extreme dust snd gem-free environmental requirement for laundry room are needed .it is the ideal laundry equipment for such situation