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Press dehydrator

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     As one of the supporting equipment of the tunnel washing machine, the linen automatically enters the press for pressing and dehydration after being pre washed, main washed and rinsed out of the warehouse by the tunnel washing machine. Compared with the traditional press equipment, the top 100 press adopts an advanced designed edge press head, which can gradually remove the residual air in the cloth during the press process, prevent the cloth from bursting due to excessive pressure during the press process, and protect the integrity of the cloth to a great extent. The pressed linen enters the dryer through the shuttle conveyor for scattering and drying.


1. The top 100 independent press adopts the oil press technology, which is the equipment supporting the washing dragon;

2. The pressure bar head is made of rubber, with a center thickness of 30mm and an edge thickness of 45mm Prismatic surface, excellent pressing and dehydration effect;

3. The base and upper structure of the press are connected by four columns to ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine; 4. The size of the door is wide, and the built-in automatic power-off protection device makes the maintenance of the machine convenient; 5. The pressure bar is made of solid stainless steel, which can withstand great pressure; 6. Two drainage outlets are built in the base, which are connected with the washing dragon drainage tank; 7. The press is controlled by PLC, with nine kinds of pressing programs built in. The user can switch the appropriate program as needed, and can change the setting of the pressing program; 8. The parameters that users can change are as follows: high pressure, the length of time of each pressing step, the duration of high pressure state, and the speed of pressure increase.


Standard configuration:

◎ main pressure seal piston

◎ hydraulic pump station system

◎ linen chute connected to the main laundry cage

◎ dehydration basket frame

◎ hydraulic motor chain driven ejecting system

◎ dehydration chassis

◎ electric cabinet

◎ drain pipe connecting the chassis

◎ independent stainless steel water tank

The press dehydrator is mainly used for cloth dehydration after washing by the washing dragon. It is the supporting dehydration equipment of the washing dragon. According to the different washing volume of the washing dragon, the press dehydrators with different pressing capacity can be configured.